Have To Start Somewhere….

Okay. It’s official. I’ve started a blog.  Not sure why really, it’s just something I’ve wanted to do. I’m a Communications Professional, so it’s the thing to do, right?!  But I don’t want to to make this about work. I want it to be more personal, so I thought I’d start out by making it about Quilting and see where it goes from here……

I’m a relatively new Quilter (at least compared to others in my group!!), having started in November 2007 after my oldest son went away to college.

I had wanted to learn how to quilt for a long time, mostly I think because of the family history in a quilt, passed from one generation to another.  I love the quilts my grandmothers have made. They were not prolific quilters, but the three quilts I’m acquainted with each tell a story from part of their lives.

My maternal Grandmother’s quilt is really just a top, hemmed along the edges and my Mom remembers it being used as a tablecloth. I’ve always wondered if she just never found the time to finish it, but couldn’t let it just sit around so she created a use for it.  I found it in Mom’s linen closet a few years ago. It has a few seams that need repairing (I will do that someday!) and then it needs a back (still looking for the right fabric) and then quilted together. Two things make this quilt top special to me. First, it’s one of the very few items we have that once belonged to my Grandmother. She passed away at the age of 64, when I was quite young, but I have snippets of memories with her. Second is the reason why Grandma made it in the first place. She had tuberculosis in the late 30’s or early 40’s and had to spend time in a Sanitorium. Mom remembers her being away from the family for several months.

This hodgepodge group of fabric was stitched together by Grandma during “recreational time” as her healing progressed. She created it from small rectangles of fabric cut from sugar and flour sacks.  (When I visit quilt shops specializing in 30’s reproduction fabrics, I often find bolts that look just like some of the ones used in Grandma’s quilt.) One of my older quilting friends remembers having “bloomers” made from those sacks! 😉  Someday soon I will finish this project. It may not be the way Grandma envisioned it because maybe it really was meant to be a tablecloth all along, but I will quilt it because for me it is a better way to preserve the history behind it. The label will tell the story and when it’s finally done, it will be one of the oldest UFO (Unfinished Objects) completed that I know of — 70+ years!!.


One thought on “Have To Start Somewhere….

  1. Well! I just started blogging last month…you might say we are in this together! Thanks for following and I look forward to you next post!

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