Never Enough Time!

I had to go back to work yesterday. Now my quilting time will come in stolen moments. Like when I skipped chores to start a new quilt on New Year’s Day. 🙂

In my last post I showed you the fabrics. Now I have nine of 36 blocks partially done. I say partially because I am pretty sure I will turn them into Disappearing Nine blocks, but I want to get the other nine patch blocks finished before finalizing the design. Who knows, maybe I’ll discover a fantastic layout before I cut them apart! Here’s what the first block looks like:


One of the highlights of my vacation was a “shop hop for two” with a friend who has recently assumed the title of quilter. I took her on a tour of the local quilt shops so she could see how each store has its own personality. For a fabric-holic, this is a true test of willpower — especially when all the shops were having fantastic sales and I have vowed to make my next five quilts strictly from my stash! Oh the plans we started making. We picked out fabric for two different projects for her, but I stayed true and only “window-shopped”. It helps when you can help spend another’s money! 🙂


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