Same Pattern, Different Quilts

One of the things I love about quilting is the variety. You can use the same pattern and totally change the look and feel of the quilt — just by the fabrics you choose. The possibilities are endless! Last year I saw a friend doing the “Road to Tokyo” pattern in red, white and blue and loved it! At the same time, I was looking for a fun pattern to do for my sister’s birthday quilt. “Road to Tokyo” needs five fabrics. (I suppose you could use scraps, but you’ll need to choose color groups to make the “road” stand out.)

My sister had picked out fabrics, but I soon realized that a basic black would help make the quilt “pop”. This is a great pattern for beginners because it consists of three basic blocks: four-patch, a two color “rail” and a solid block. I did my sister’s quilt in 8″ finished blocks. For the four-patch and the rail block, I cut 4 1/2″ strips to piece. The solid block was 8 1/2″ square. Here was the result:

"Forever Sisters" quilt

“Forever Sisters” quilt

DSC_0378           DSC_0379

For the back, I used my sister’s two favorite fabrics:

DSC_0374           DSC_0375

When this was all done, I decided to do a quilt for my husband’s brother for Christmas. We had each taken an Alaska Cruise last summer and of course MY souvenirs consisted mostly of FABRIC!! Have I mentioned what a wonderful and patient husband I have?! Four ports — four quilt shops!! (Although in Juneau, there was a fly fishing shop in the same building and I noticed he did disappear for a while!!) Anyway, I decided to use the “Road to Tokyo” pattern my brother-in-law’s quilt because it would show off the Alaskan Port fabric so well. The solid blocks are perfect for a focus fabric.  Right now I only have one photo of the quilt because I was finishing it right up until the postal deadline and had the box very well sealed and ready to go before I realized I forgot to take pictures of it. Thanks to my brother-in-law, I have this photo and will take more detailed ones during our next trip to his house:

"Alaska Cruise Memories"

Different fabrics, same pattern yet two very different quilts! Isn’t fabric great?!!  Until next time, Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “Same Pattern, Different Quilts

  1. Roberta Canton says:

    Very nice Dawn and yes the black did make that first quilt “pop”. They are fortunate to receive your quilts. It is truly wonderful how different fabrics can make the same pattern look completely different and unique. Looking forward to more readings. And YES, your hubby is a saint. (How smart to out a quilt shop and Fly Fishing store together!)

    • dawnmariew19 says:

      Thanks, Roberta! I think of all those wedding quilts we do with the same pattern, but every one of them looks so different and personal to the couple.
      (I advocate that there should be a quilt store adjacent to every Cabela’s, too! lol)

  2. Quilts and quilting are so cozy. These are beautiful! God bless!

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