The Ultimate Finish

I’ve been pretty quiet in blogland lately. In fact, the last time I wrote I was lamenting not being able to finish my quilt for the “Lovely Year of Finishes 2013” challenge for which I had signed up. Because of my excuses, I opted to finish a table runner that I had started. To date, that table runner is still unfinished, too.

Instead, I have had the honor of being with my Mother for the Ultimate Finish in life. After nearly 81 years on this earth, she is now making her home in Heaven and for the first time in decades, she is free of pain caused by arthritis and polymyalgia rheumatica. Ironically it wasn’t those diseases that caused her death. At least not directly. She got a severe infection that was inoperable because of her overall health. I was so blessed to be able to travel to be with her, my Dad and the rest of my family during this time. Mom endured the pain with grace and we had an amazing time together.

As we shared memories, I realized that families are like quilts. They have layers bound together by shared experiences. Sometimes the fabric of life is tattered, sometimes it is new and unblemished. Like any good scrappy quilt it’s the bits and pieces stitched together that makes it unique. My family quilt is warm and cozy, wrapping itself around hurting members when the needs arise. It certainly is colorful! Some of the fabrics are loud and demand your attention. Others sit quietly in the background serving as a place to give you rest.

My life quilt is securely stitched because of my parents. Both made sure it was made with quality fabrics that would stand the test of time. It is stitched securely with love and it’s binding is Faith. Mom and Dad started these quilts, but each is different for me and my siblings because of our life journeys. The one thing that is the same in each is the thread that has been used. It’s the “ties that bind” us together, keeping memories and making new ones.

One day my quilt will be finished, too, and I pray that my family can then look at it and see that my journey has been faithful and a tribute to the one started by my parents. I am so Blessed to have faithful models to follow. Thank you Mom and Dad.


My Mom 🙂
1932 – 2013


10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Finish

  1. chaisebyrds says:

    This is good. The Master Quilter has obviously completed a masterpiece with your mom.

  2. Roberta Canton says:

    Very nice Dawn and great analogy.

  3. Judy says:

    Great job Dawn Marie as was the computer quilt tied today.

  4. Janelle Nott says:

    That is a beautiful writing Dawn Marie! I can see your Mother in you. I am sorry that you have lost her, for now. She will be
    free from pain when you see her again. Great blog idea!!

  5. It’s evident with the care and beauty with which you wrote this blog that you love your mom very much and that she love you. Stitch by stitch the life we create through God’s gifts to us is a reflected back to Him.

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