Quilt Bowl

It seems no matter what I do, I can make it relate to quilting! I’m sure I am not alone!

I recently helped make a bowl for the food bank’s “Empty Bowls Project”.
Local clay artists get together and spend a weekend throwing and decorating bowls which are donated to the food bank so they can be sold to raise money to help the hungry.


The idea started in the early 90’s with high school art students in the Midwest. They wanted an art project that would help people realize that many people in their community go to bed hungry. Over two days the artists made an incredible 400 bowls!


Now lest you think I am an accomplished potter as well as a quilter, let me set the record straight!! Last year, my masterpiece (okay, bowl) turned out so bad that I ended up buying it myself! I really thought I was a better painter.

This year, one of the many talented artists threw the bowl and another added the color (which looks pink but should be cobalt blue after it is fired). I only carved the designs into the sides of the bowl, because the artist said that would be more forgiving than trying to paint one myself. I liked the idea of a possible do-over. Not at all like quilting where if I cut the fabric wrong it can be expensive!

But what should I carve? It had to be simple and probably involve straight lines. Imagine how pleased I was when Hubby saw it and said “It’s quilt patterns” without being prompted! 🙂



I can’t wait to see it after it’s fired. I hope it raises a lot of money for the food bank – even if I have to buy it myself!

Now back to my fabric……
Happy Quilting!


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