Work in Progress :-)

Saturday morning this little pile of fabric was calling my name.  I laid in bed trying to catch a few more winks, but I could hear the whispers starting.  First one fabric, then another. Each fabric competing in my mind for the starring role in the next quilt.

So ignoring chores and just about everything for the next few hours I turned this…


Into this…


I love the colors, so bright and cheery! A simple four-patch with a block that went together really fast.




It finished up a little smaller than I wanted, so I am debating if I should run down and get a little more fabric to make more blocks or put a couple borders on it to “grow it”. Hence, it is still a work in progress. But it sure is a fun little project that just may end up in my collection. 😉

Until next time, Happy Quilting!


7 thoughts on “Work in Progress :-)

  1. Love those fabrics! I have stash envy now!

  2. It’s really beautiful! Avis x

  3. This looks really great!

    Do you know what that white fabric is? It’s fantastic.

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