Panda-Monium Reigns!

My weekend “Shop Hop” adventure continued on Day Two when three friends joined me for the northern section of the Off the Beaten Path…A Quilter’s Safari.

We left the Eugene area a little after 9am Saturday morning and headed north to our first stop, not quite an hour away. The sun was shining and the van filled with laughter as we plotted our journey. With a couple of hundred miles to cover and five stops, plus a lunch break it would definitely be a full day. Yippee! A great fix for a fabric-holic! πŸ˜‰

The shops are supposed to open at 10 each morning of the Hop and we pulled up to the Lebanon store at 9:55am. To our pleasant surprise it was already open, so no waiting here! Finally Together is housed in an old movie theater and the walls and balcony railing are covered with beautiful quilts. The staff is very friendly and helpful.



In addition to the passport stamps, block pattern and free fabric we each got, one of my friends found some quilt labels and a pattern for a bag that will be perfect for collecting scraps next to her sewing machine. Of course I told her it would make a great gift for me when it’s done!

Satisfied and inspired we continued north to the shop in Jefferson, which I think has a great name — The Purple Frog Quilt Shop! A relatively new store, the shop is gaining a good reputation as being helpful and welcoming.


I have been to The Purple Frog several times now and each time I have found “just what I was looking for”. In 2011, I fell in love with the Deco Delight collection from Fabric Freedom. I found it while at a retreat and made a jelly roll quilt from it. I have been searching for more of that collection since then to make a second quilt. I have only found a few fat quarters, so I was thrilled to walk in and find several bolts of the collection. I had been told by many places that it was no longer available. Double Yippee!!


Passports stamped and my wallet a little lighter, we headed north and west to Dallas (Oregon :-), not Texas! Lol).

Grandma’s Attic in Dallas is just like it’s name. A good sized, but cozy shop with MANY hidden treasures.

image image

If you like reproduction fabrics from the 1930-40’s or the Civil War periods, you will love this shop. There is also a wide variety of other fabrics and just like Grandma’s house, there are numerous needlework patterns and supplies, unique buttons, gifts, etc., etc.! Several of the women in my group found and purchased finely ground nut shells to put inside pin cushions. We did not see those at any other shop. In fact there were lots of things at Grandma’s that we haven’t found at other shops and we left wishing the shop wasn’t 75 miles from home!

Oh, before I forget, we found Henrietta at Grandma’s, too! This is the character depicted on the Safari’s poster:

Quilters Safari

Henrietta shows up at shops randomly throughout the Safari with a special stamp for your passport (enters you into a special drawing!) and in store prizes. Last year, I looked and looked but never found her, so I was tickled when I realized who she was even though my companions must of thought I was crazy because I had forgotten to tell them about Henrietta. I was so excited, it didn’t occur to me to take her picture until much later!

All of us left Grandma’s on a high and more than ready for lunch, having each found some goodies to buy and two of my group winning special prizes from Henrietta! With a recommendation from the lovely ladies at Grandma’s, we headed to Taters and had a tasty meal.

Satisfied and refreshed, we headed south toward two more shops. In Philomath, JanniLou Creations, like the shop in Lebanon, is housed in the old movie theater.

image image

Two sisters own this shop and they are the brains behind the Safari. At each of the other stops you get the pattern for one of the blocks for this year’s specially designed quilt, but at JanniLou’s you get the instructions for putting the quilt together:


These women coordinate all shops, the drawings and delivery of the prizes as well as the many, many other details of this event. As an event planner myself, I hope every passport holder takes time to thank them for such a well-planned and FUN opportunity! (Forgot to take a picture of them – sorry.)

Again, with each of our wallets a little lighter we head to Corvallis. There we find Quiltwork Patches, which specializes in modern fabrics.

image image

The best surprise happened as we left Quiltwork Patches. Look who we ran into again:


Yep, that’s me and Henrietta! A great delight to visit with her again AND we each got another Henrietta stamp on our passport! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Left Corvallis feeling pretty good!

Heading south again towards Eugene, we realized we might get back into town early enough to hit a couple of shops there, too. I did them the day before, but was more than happy to help my friends get more stamps. Plus we were having such a good time. It was quick, but we added three more stops as we worked our way through Eugene toward home.

By the time we parted for the day, we had made it to eight (8) of the twelve (12) stops on the Safari, covering just shy of 200 miles. A very good day, indeed! Let me say a special thanks to my friends for joining me on this crazy adventure. I think we made good memories! πŸ™‚

Until next time, Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “Panda-Monium Reigns!

  1. Sherry says:

    Thank you for sharing this. What fun! Love the pictures and the green quilt is gorgeous. Hope today was as much fun as yesterday!

  2. Roberta Canton says:

    Thanks for taking me along. I am still having fun going through all the stuff we collected. I hope to hit at least one more Eugene shop today.

  3. That sounds like so much fun – too bad I live in Canada or I would join you next time πŸ˜‰

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