The Last Leg….

It’s over for me and I’m sad. My Hubby calls it the “Post-Safari Blues” 😉
On the other hand, I did it!! I made it to all 12 stops on Off the Beaten Path…A Quilter’s Safari.

After creating shop hop-sanctioned Panda-Monium on Saturday with a carload of friends, I only had three quilt stores left. My cohorts couldn’t go on Sunday but it was the only other day of the weeklong event that I could go, so I recruited my Hubby and Son to do the Southern leg with me. Of course it helped that I enticed them with a new foodie adventure!


So with the goal of getting the last three passport stamps, we set out right after church. First stop – gas (I forgot to fill up after the Saturday road trip ;-)). Second stop – that food adventure. Tried a BBQ/burger joint in Cottage Grove that I had heard was really good. The BBQ was tasty, but unfortunately the staff gave new meaning to the slow food movement! An hour and a half later we were back on the road.

It was almost three o’clock when we arrived at The Fabric Farm in Drain. Three years old, this little shop’s motto is “growing creativity” and it does! The owner and staff are very helpful and so willing to take time to discuss patterns and problem solve with you.

(This photo is from the shop’s website – I was busy talking and forgot to take my own!)

For a small shop they have a wonderful selection of fabric, as my Son discovered! Let me just say, I was under budget until he found a stars and moon fabric to go in the quilt he is patiently waiting for me to finish. I have very few UFO’S and his is one of them, but that’s a post for another time! 🙂

I also found a ruler for “lazy angles” which is right up my alley and am eager to try it out, but not until my Son’s quilt is done!

Back in the car, we continued south to Roseburg where an incredible shop awaited us. If you like batik fabric, you MUST visit The Country Lady. There has to be at least 1000 bolts of batiks alone! A large selection of Civil War reproduction fabrics lines one wall and there are dozens of 108″ wide fabrics for quilt backs. Several long arm quilting machines are also available to use after taking lessons.

image image

Leaving the shop with a 70 mile drive back to the Eugene area ahead of us, I knew we would not make it to my third and final shop before closing time. So, instead of rushing back, we took time for smoothies and iced coffee and enjoyed the beautiful evening drive.

Today (Tuesday) I finally completed my Safari. Something To Crow About has a helpful staff and you find wide variety of fabrics, including wools that have become quite popular.




Collecting my last passport stamp was bittersweet. This little card represents so much fun!


Each stamp represents a moment I shared with friends as we scampered (or hobbled!) from store to store. It marks time spent with family (thanks, guys!). Yes, it’s satisfying to complete the journey but now I have to wait another whole year before going on Safari again! As I was leaving the store some women came in who were just beginning their journey. What fun they have ahead of them!

As for me….I am still dreaming of winning that new Bernina sewing machine! 😉

Until next time, Happy Quilting!


One thought on “The Last Leg….

  1. says:

    Well Dawnmarie…you are amazing.  If I had been to that many material stores I would be dizzy!  I like material, but have no clue what to do with it, except like it.  I hope you win your machine.


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