Road Trip Begins….

I am sitting at the Denver Airport waiting for my next flight to take me to Minneapolis to meet my Dad. I spent yesterday driving across Oregon to get to Boise. (When Dad and I drive home from Minneapolis, he is only bringing me as far as Boise so now my car is waiting for me there!)

It was a gorgeous day for a drive with varied scenery – more varied than I expect in the Midwest! Note to Hubby: I know I was driving alone – every photo was snapped while the car was not moving. 🙂

The Cascade’s Santiam Pass was gorgeous. This is Mount Washington where there was a severe forest fire about 10 (?) years ago. New growth is working its way through the snag covered hillsides:


East of Bend, road construction became the great equalizer and all those speedy cars that zipped past me had to wait, too. 🙂


You know it’s summer when you have to follow pilot cars three different times – road construction season is in full swing!


If you look in the distance, you can see The Three Sisters and Mt. Washington – I’ve traveled quite aways. 😉 when I started out Thursday morning I was on the other side of those mountains. Now I am in the high desert:


Just east of Burns is a lllooooonnngg flat valley, so long you can see the curvature of the earth. Look closely down the highway and you will see the telephone poles looking like they disappear into the ground. I tried to get a picture of the antelope across the road but they were too far away to show up in my camera phone. 😦


I timed my trip so I could stop at a quilt shop (of course!). Just before the Idaho border is Ontario and there I found the Charm Shack:

image image


A pleasant chat with the owner and four Fat Quarters later I was on the road. Too bad the Denver Airport doesn’t have a quilt shop! 😉

Until next time, Happy Quilting!


One thought on “Road Trip Begins….

  1. Roberta Canton says:

    Have a wonderful time. Your pictures are gorgeous. I will look forward to, and hope, for future posts along your adventure.

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