“Stamp On It” Blog Hop (My Day and a Giveaway)

Thought I would check out this “blog hop”. Reposting this because it looks fun, so hop with me. 🙂

Words & Stitches

Well, here I am on Day One of the Blog Hop and I can hardly wait to see what everyone has come up with (I’m a little nervous, too, about how my “stamp” will measure up!) I was having a little trouble getting started with this one. I played with a few ideas  but finally decided to do a “postage stamp postage stamp.” I mapped out my idea on my trusty EQ but, as often happens in my brain, I totally missed on the math and it didn’t sink in until I went to sew how many 1.5″ squares it takes to make a 15″x15″ finished square (225 in case you’re wondering.)

I decided to use my town, Oregon City, as my inspiration.  Oregon City is on the banks of the Willamette River and one of the river’s landmarks (rivermarks?) is the beautiful Willamette Falls.  Now, you may remember that we attended…

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