Friends, Farm & Fabric

Missouri has hills!

After crossing the Mississippi River from Illinois, the landscape began to change. Gone are the miles and miles of flat land. The closer we got to our friends’ home near Kirksville, the more rolling hills we discovered. (Being from the Pacific Northwest, I will tell you it’s very strange to drive hundreds of miles and not see the elevation reading on the GPS change by more than 50-60 feet!)


Our friends live on a large hog farm surrounded by roller coaster hills – you know, the kind that tickle your tummy while driving up and down them. 😉 (Sorry, there are no pictures of the pigs because they are susceptible to diseases brought in by outsiders, so we didn’t go inside the barns. Besides, I have been in pig barns before and when you’ve seen one…)



It had been years since we visited with them, so it was good to catch up. Dad and Larry used to work together and we lived on the same Ranger Station in a remote part of Idaho while I was growing up. Eva Jean taught me how to knit and how to make butter. She and my Mom were our 4-H leaders. 🙂

Here’s Dad, Eva Jean & Larry:

We left their place on Friday morning wishing we could stay longer, but we had only a couple of days left in our adventure with more things to do and see along the way. When we got to St. Joseph on the western border of Missouri, we had a choice – head north on the freeway into Iowa before turning west towards Lincoln, Nebraska or sneak into Kansas and head north to Lincoln from there.

Have I told you recently how great my Dad is? You see, time-wise it probably would have been a little faster to go through Iowa, but I had never been to Kansas. (Until now, I had never been to Indiana or Missouri either!)

We could have just driven across the bridge into Kansas and turned around, but my trusty Quilters’ Travel Companion told me there was a quilt shop in Hiawatha just a short 40 mile drive into Kansas! Plus, from there we could practically head due north to Lincoln!


I am sure it was the “I have never been to Kansas” that persuaded my Dad to let me set the GPS for Hiawatha (or maybe he has grown fond of quilt shops! :-)).


How perfect to find a quilt shop named after Kansas’ state flower and have it located on Oregon Street! How could I not go there?! It was the smallest shop we visited, but Dad got to see a long arm quilting machine in action and I found a lovely fabric featuring Sunflowers.


Heading north to Lincoln, there were a couple of short delays due to road construction. For me, the worst part of the construction was that the “Welcome to Nebraska” sign had been taken down because they were working on the road, so I missed another sign. 😦


The Calico House in Lincoln was only a block off the highway so it was easy to find (even with the detour we had to take because of an accident). This is a large shop featuring mostly modern fabrics.


No fabric with Nebraska written on it (except Cornhuskers), so I chose a fun fabric with tractors on it. Acres and acres of corn in Nebraska!

Now you are really going to think I am spoiled, but Dad indulged me once more in Lincoln. We went out of our way to drive by the Statehouse and get a picture of it.


Why? When I was a youngster on a family road trip to Minnesota we drove through Nebraska. As we raced by Lincoln on the freeway I could see the state Capitol building in the distance and begged to stop. (Up to that point I think I had been to every statehouse of every state I had been in – kind of like my current obsession with quilt shops!) but we were due in Omaha for dinner at friends, so we didn’t stop.

Thank you, Dad for remembering and spoiling me! 🙂

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!


One thought on “Friends, Farm & Fabric

  1. Carol Snead says:

    The whole trip sounds so wonderful. You are going to have quite the treasure trove of fabric when you return….and likely plan to make a beuatiful quilt about all the states you visited! Happy trails to you and your daddy and I pray for continued safe travels.

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