We Are Storm Chasers!

Having visited the Midwest many times, I can tell you if you like to watch storms then the Midwest is the place to be! This trip was no exception. 🙂

Several times on our trip, Dad and I tuned into local radio stations trying to figure out if the storms ahead of us were something we should be worried about. Think tornados.

In Illinois, the tornado watches/warnings were in the county just north of us but we were safe.

In Missouri, the clouds were hanging low, but the storm warnings were south of us.


Heading into Grand Island, Nebraska, the rains were pounding and lightning knifed all around us. I was driving, so no pictures, but the radio station kept warning to take cover if you were in certain areas. However, the names of the counties meant nothing to us and we made it to the hotel safely. 😉

Approaching Cheyenne, Wyoming, though was a bit different. Again, the sky was dark ahead of us but it looked like we might skirt the storm. Watching lightning crash to the ground is cool, until it gets too close! Dad was driving, so I do have pictures of the storm, but the lightning would not cooperate. 😉


The clouds this time were really low and swirling. Like the rest of the traffic, we kept going.



Just as the rain started, I saw a couple vehicles on a parallel road turning around. They were Storm Chasers (as in tornado hunters!) and they were now going in the opposite direction! YIKES! I noticed then the road they were on was ending, so they had to turn around.

Then came the hail and traffic slowed way down. Dad just said to keep an eye on the sky and if a funnel cloud dropped we would decide what to do then. He is so calm. 🙂






Fortunately, we could see the end of the storm and passed through quickly. Amazingly there was no hail damage to the car, despite the size of the stones.

This is what the storm looked like from the backside in Cheyenne.



Good thing we had the quilt store in Cheyenne to relax in afterward!

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!


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