End of a Road Trip!

**For the sake of transparency, I am home now and just catching up on my road trip posts. Thank you for following this adventure!**

It’s almost over, my precious time with Dad. It’s Father’s Day (I told you I am behind!!) and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than with my Dad. One last day on the road together with two more states to travel through by sunset.

We leave Rawlins, Wyoming, bright and early to continue West. I finally get to see large herds of cattle (click on the photo and you will see all the black dots really are beef steaks in the making!), but the only one cowboy riding a horse. The rest are on ATVs.


Today as we climb in elevation, we cross the Continental Divide not once, but twice.


This part of Wyoming is known as the Great Divide Basin.



The large area is completely surrounded by high ridges with no water outlets, not that there is much moisture to be trapped in this area anyway! The grasses are short and sparse so it’s not the best land for grazing, but it is rich in oil. Earlier we saw big refineries at Cheyenne and this one at Sinclair (yes, like the oil company) just west of Rawlins.


In the Great Basin Divide, it appears folks make their livings from either oil or minerals. Mile after mile you see wells and small processing or holding plants.



There is also mining, but Dad and I could not figure out what was being extracted. Didn’t quite look like coal, although that is mined in Wyoming. It might have been trona or soda ash.



Even the barren scenery can be beautiful. Just look at these rock formations!





As you pass through this desert, you are offered glimmers of civilization ahead:



Until you finally reach “Little America” — a really large truck stop, gas station, hotel, gift shop, and restaurant.


I-80 is a major truck route, so no wonder Little America advertises its large number of deluxe showers! I tried counting the number of trucks I saw coming toward us during a 10 mile stretch of the interstate and lost count at about 160!


Now in case you have forgotten, I’m checking out as many quilt stores on this trip as time allows. This sign is just cruel!!


You see it is Sunday and most quilt stores are closed on Sunday! This was in Wyoming, so I didn’t care too much because I had been in a shop in Cheyenne, but we are heading into Utah and all the stores will be closed!!! I should have talked Dad into spending the night in Utah, just so we could visit a shop!! 😉


Now I can guess what you might be thinking – poor girl won’t get any more shops on this trip because it’s ending on Sunday. True, we arrived in the Boise area on Sunday evening and yes, the shops were closed. But you forget, I still have to drive to Oregon and wouldn’t you know, Monday morning the shop in Caldwell, Idaho, was just opening as I was passing through headed toward the Oregon border! 😉




A little potato fabric (what else!?!) and some Route 66 fabric (just like I saw in Illinois and should have bought!) and I was back on the road for home.

Just for the record, I went to  quilt shops in 10 of the 12 states I visited – Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Idaho! (I still think the Denver Airport should have a quilt shop.) Not bad and all the thanks goes to Dad for indulging me in this obsession! 😉 (My sister and nephew also get credit for taking me to the Minnesota shops!)

Sadly, my great adventure with Dad is over. People have asked me if I enjoyed it and would I do it again? Yes, and in a heartbeat!! Thank you, Dad. Thank you for letting me share this journey with you. I will treasure it always.

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!


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