Gardening with Fabric

We have a small back yard, but we love fresh veggies.

Everything we plant is in raised beds or containers – and of course they have to be dog proofed to keep our 73-lb. Labradoodle from digging or harvesting before we do!

This morning I took a tour to see how things are doing:

purple cabbage


summer squash


future pesto (basil)


yellow sweet peppers


Japanese black truffle tomatoes (will get purple colored when ripe)


Because of space we also trellis all of our vine plants. Cucumbers do fine on their own.


Melons, on the other hand, need a little help because of their eventual size and weight. That is where my fabric stash comes in handy! I make “hammocks” for each melon. 🙂



Love the tastes of summer!
Until next time,
Happy Quilting (and gardening)!


6 thoughts on “Gardening with Fabric

  1. ddclaywriter says:

    That does not look like a small backyard.
    You have a done a lot of great work with the yard you have. I am very jealous of your crops. I have tried and failed most of the time with such things. I’m trying trees now to see if they produce better. My ground and vine crops all seem to be consumed by the bugs before I get a chance to enjoy them.

    • dawnmariew19 says:

      Thanks. 🙂 We have been adding raised beds to what used to be all flower gardens, so that helps. Trying to do more edible landscaping. We replaced some shrubs out front with blueberry bushes, too. They will also look nice in the fall with their reddish leaves. We are taking out a tree to accommodate a small greenhouse, too. The challenge is leaving a grassy area for BBQs 🙂 the whole back yard is about 25×55 and that includes the patio, tool shed, chicken coop/run and old wooden deck which we are going to tear out to put in more raised beds. A long work in progress!

  2. says:

    Wow Dawn, what a nice garden.  We have one too but not nearly so organized.  We have zuchinni and cukes growing together, and tomatoes, peppers and onions in another raised bed.  I have gotten some zucchini and tomatoes (small ones) and onions.  It is nice to have fresh veggies, even though not so many as you apparently.


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