A Birthday Surprise!

I no longer have to keep the secret, and am I glad! After not blogging for a while, I was so excited to actually have a completed quilting project to share with you. Just in time I remembered it still had to go through the mail and if I posted pictures it would ruin the birthday surprise for my son’s girlfriend. Now though, the postman has fulfilled his end of the bargain and the gift has been opened sooo……


I made this table runner to match her dinnerware. I had to go by memory and it can be tricky matching reds and blue-greens, but it worked.



I did straight line quilting in an aqua thread to finish it.


I think it’s about 13″ wide by 40″ long, but I forgot to measure it before I popped it in the mail.


It feels good to get a project finished. Now several more are waiting for finishing touches, too.

So until next time,
Happy Quilting!


11 thoughts on “A Birthday Surprise!

  1. Janelle Nott says:

    Very nice Dawn Marie. Would live to see her dishes with it. Nice job and blog.

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  2. Janelle Nott says:

    Would love…

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  3. dawnmariew19 says:

    I will ask if she can take a picture with the dishes. 🙂

  4. Sartenada says:

    Well done – so beautiful.

  5. trikatykid says:

    She lives! Looks lovely! I have a lot of projects to finish too.. but it’s summer.

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