Row By Row Experience

My license plate holder says “Road-tripping to another Quilt Shop”, so you know I am always ready for an adventure that includes a fabric store, especially if it’s a new-to-me shop. 🙂

So imagine my excitement when the granddaddy of all fabric adventures — the Row By Row Experience — started July first! What began as a New York statewide shop hop a couple of years ago is now all across North America. More than 1250 quilt shops in 34 states and Canada are participating! Ummmm…I think I need to take the next couple of months off from work. 😉


Every participating quilt shop has designed a 36″ row and is giving away the pattern for it. The goal is to visit at least eight shops during your summer travels and create a quilt from those eight rows. Many have also created prepackaged fabric kits to make building the rows super easy. If you are the first to return to a shop with a completed quilt you win a bundle of 25 fat quarters which is six and a quarter yards of fabric!

The Row by Row runs through September 2nd, but some super quilter in Texas has already claimed a prize just a few days into this adventure!?! Trust me when I say I will not be claiming one of those prizes… 😦

For me, this challenge is all about the fabric license plates!


I may not get a row quilt made, but I am off to a great start on collecting the license plates and row kits! On July first, I got my first one at Something To Crow About in the southern Willamette Valley area of Oregon:


Then on July 5th, Hubby so kindly went with me to a brand new shop in Albany, called Bolts to Blocks.


And then we zipped over to Philomath to JanniLou Creations to get my third plate:


Things slowed down a little bit after that because I was a volunteer at a children’s camp Sunday through Wednesday, but I was the van driver and that does come with privileges, right?! So, I sort of kidnapped my passengers by forcing them to go with me on a slightly longer route home so I could pop in to The Fabric Farm in the southern Oregon town of Drain. (Yes, that is the real name!) There I collected my fourth plate:


I did feel just a tad guilty about having kidnapped my exhausted fellow camp workers, so I promised them I would pop in and out of the store quickly. I know you are thinking that is impossible, but they are my witnesses and can testify to the shocking truth — I was only in the shop long enough to look at the row and purchase the fabric plate. I was in the store no more than three minutes (much to my dismay, but I hid it well) and then we were back on the road in time to catch up with our bus load of kids just as they were hopping out of it at our ice cream stop! They hardly missed us! 🙂

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!


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