Remembering Mom

Last week would have marked my parents 55th wedding anniversary, but it is a milestone that will remain a “would have been”. Mom completed the ultimate finish when she stepped into Heaven not long after their 53rd anniversary. I still reach for the phone to tell her something and then remember she is not there to answer. Sigh.


Mom had a heart for missions and loved summer Bible camps for kids. I know my parents sacrificed other things to make sure we got the opportunities to attend camp each summer. It was during one of those weeks that I started to really understand how to have a personal relationship with Christ. Another year I was baptized at camp. One summer my brother met the love of his life while working in the camp kitchen. One of the things my sister learned is that homesickness doesn’t last forever! And when their church’s district camp was relocated a number of years ago, Dad spent many hours helping construct the new cabins and other projects. So it was only natural that Mom’s memorial fund would go to help the camp and it’s mission of serving kids.

Friends and family donated generously and we recently got to see the results of those gifts.


The camp has been working to build an amphitheater. Mom’s fund was combined with  another one for a woman who also attended their church, which allowed the camp to add a stage to the amphitheater.


My family was able to see the work in progress in August when we were there. The volunteer carpenters were visiting from Arizona and New Mexico and spent almost two months working at camp while escaping the heat at home. 🙂

Then in early September, my Dad and brother along with Dad’s sister & her husband attended the dedication ceremony. There is still some finishing work to be done after the final inspection. (It’s probably done by now!)


There is even a built-in campfire!


image(Photo by camp photographer)

I know Mom would be happy to know generations of campers to come will discover their own relationship with Christ through concerts, sing-a-longs and testimonies around the campfire for years to come. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Remembering Mom

  1. Janelle says:

    What a lovely tribute to your Mom!
    What a great sign for her family and future campers. How generous of all of you to give!

  2. says:

    Nice email Dawnmarie…we will always miss our moms.


  3. arcnotes says:

    Reblogged this on The ARC-ives and commented:
    Camp makes a difference!

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