Lamp or a Light?

Once again this young woman speaks words wise beyond her years! 🙂

Living a Life of Joy

Does the word witness scare you? When your church or fellow believers start talking about going out into the world to preach the gospel, do you possibly cringe a little bit inside? Do you feel like a failure for not loudly proclaiming that you’re in love with Jesus everywhere you go? Yes, yes and yes…me too. And while some may disagree, God’s been showing me that no, that does not make me a failure.

For some, talking about God openly in their daily life is super easy. And for others it just doesn’t flow out of our mouth like we want it to. Which usually leads to us (me) feeling like a failure because I didn’t speak up when I maybe should have or I let an opportunity pass by. And while I am not making an excuse for letting opportunities to preach the gospel pass by me, the Lord…

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