Row by Row Experience Kicks Off

I have been waiting for this day since last summer! Today marks the official start of the 2015 Row by Row Experience…this time with a water theme and MANY more shops!!

Even on Father’s Day my Hubby agreed to stop by an area quilt shop (although his limit was one today! Lol) so I could kick off our my adventure. 😉

Most shops are offering personalized license plates and that is how I am choosing the shops I will visit this summer during my travels. Here is my first one from Piece by Piece:




Each participating shop has created a row pattern and offers it for free and most have created kits you can buy to duplicate the row. This is a picture of the completed row for the pattern I got today:



I have a little something different in mind for my row quilt, using coordinated fabrics, so I didn’t buy the row kit. Last year I collected nine rows and license plates. This summer I am sure I can get more as I travel the Northwest. I have even recruited some fellow shop hoppers to join the adventure, much to the Hubby’s relief! Now to plot our course…..

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!




2 thoughts on “Row by Row Experience Kicks Off

  1. Janelle Nott says:

    Hi Dawn Marie, Stopped to ck out a quilt shop in Brookings Oregon called “Country Keepsakes.” Peered thru the window as they were closed. Very nice and neat shop and pretty good size. Just a FYI. Janelle N.

    Janelle L. Nott


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