Mission Complete!

Five quilt shops visits behind us, we continued south on I-5 to Jacksonville to relax and discover more great food. 🙂 All that hopping in and out of shops made us a tad hungry, so when we approached Grants Pass and saw a sign for this, we couldn’t resist!


I know what you’re thinking…”that’s great food?!?” Well, it can be when you have been deprived of this fast food for months and months! 😉 All eight Wendy’s in the Southern Willamette valley were closed after the owner stopped paying franchise fees. My quilting group is still trying to find an alternative to their tasty salads for quilt night! After a “Wendy’s fix”‘ we were back on the road.


When we arrived at Jacksonville it was nearly 100-degrees F (why do we always go when we are having a hot spell??) so we went directly to our hotel to check in. This time we tried the Wine Country Inn, which also owns the historic McCully House we stayed at two years ago. A lovely room (suite actually) and I could have just moved in! 🙂 🙂





The hotel grounds were just as nice and relaxing as the room.






To be honest, we didn’t walk around town very much. Between the heat and the fact I had tweaked my back earlier in the week (too bad I couldn’t take the whirlpool tub home), we just visited one shop. Dare I tell you it was a quilt shop? LOL! The owner did give us a wonderful suggestion for dinner, though, so we headed over to the Back Porch Bar and Grill (formerly known as Back Porch BBQ).


As you might expect, it has an Old West decor, but as you step in the door you are surrounded by old cowboy boots!



Food was great. I had a crisp, refreshing salad loaded with goodies and Hubby had what he declared the best brisket he has ever had. I tried it and it really did practically melt in your mouth! (Sorry Foodies, I was too eager to eat and forgot to take pics).

The next day for breakfast we went to the Mustard Seed. We sat inside this time which was fun because of the quirky decor.






I did remember to take pics of the food this time! (Just not very good ones.) Hubby had a dish that is basically eggs Benedict on hash browns instead of English muffins. I had a ham & cheese scramble. 🙂



Where else do you get cookies with your bill? They were delish!



A great weekend for sure, it just ended too soon!

Until next time,
Happy Quilting 🙂


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