A Valentine’s Walk-About

We haven’t been doing much traveling lately, but we did a morning trip to the very southern end of the Willamette Valley to the quaint town of Cottage Grove.


The historic Main Street is probably most famous for the parade scene at the end of the movie, “Animal House”. The core of the district is about three blocks long and hasn’t changed much since filming days. 🙂 The town leaders have kept the charm and are refreshing the faded murals and adding more.


The mural of silent film star Buster Keaton greets you as you enter downtown. He starred in “The General” way back when and lived in the Cottage Grove Hotel during the six months of filming. Now the hotel houses some apartments in the upper levels and a fantastic restaurant called Buster’s Main Street Cafe in the street level. Trust me when I say it is worth the drive! Stuffed French Toast with candied bacon, Eggs Benedict and Elk Shank Ossobuco are just a few of our favorites!

But I digress….. 🙂  Cottage Grove is a charming place to spend some time.



There is even a quilt store within these historic blocks! Pandora’s Box is full of fabric treasures and today I picked up these. The seascape is one of the new laser printed fabrics, which looks just like a photograph (these pictures really don’t do the fabric justice!).


Truly a fun morning with Hubby! Hope you have a sweet weekend.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting