Row by Row Experience Kicks Off

I have been waiting for this day since last summer! Today marks the official start of the 2015 Row by Row Experience…this time with a water theme and MANY more shops!!

Even on Father’s Day my Hubby agreed to stop by an area quilt shop (although his limit was one today! Lol) so I could kick off our my adventure. ;-)

Most shops are offering personalized license plates and that is how I am choosing the shops I will visit this summer during my travels. Here is my first one from Piece by Piece:




Each participating shop has created a row pattern and offers it for free and most have created kits you can buy to duplicate the row. This is a picture of the completed row for the pattern I got today:



I have a little something different in mind for my row quilt, using coordinated fabrics, so I didn’t buy the row kit. Last year I collected nine rows and license plates. This summer I am sure I can get more as I travel the Northwest. I have even recruited some fellow shop hoppers to join the adventure, much to the Hubby’s relief! Now to plot our course…..

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!



Lamp or a Light?


Once again this young woman speaks words wise beyond her years! :-)

Originally posted on Living a Life of Joy:

Does the word witness scare you? When your church or fellow believers start talking about going out into the world to preach the gospel, do you possibly cringe a little bit inside? Do you feel like a failure for not loudly proclaiming that you’re in love with Jesus everywhere you go? Yes, yes and yes…me too. And while some may disagree, God’s been showing me that no, that does not make me a failure.

For some, talking about God openly in their daily life is super easy. And for others it just doesn’t flow out of our mouth like we want it to. Which usually leads to us (me) feeling like a failure because I didn’t speak up when I maybe should have or I let an opportunity pass by. And while I am not making an excuse for letting opportunities to preach the gospel pass by me, the Lord…

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Again, this young lady has amazing insight! Love her lots. :-)

Originally posted on Living a Life of Joy:

“I am….” What follows yours? It can be good or it can be bad, but either way it’s a label. Thanks to our society and the harsh words we let slip from our mouths, lots of negative things probably follow yours. But God has so many positive labels that he wants you to own up to and start living out.

I am always searching for a way to put One Tree Hill in my blog posts, and this just fits perfectly…. So here ya go :)

Meet high school Brooke Davis:


What I love the most about Brooke’s character is how she discovers her identity throughout all 9 seasons of the show. This picture is of Brooke in high school, where she was the most popular girl in school and yet this was how she felt. Not talented enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough….simply not good…

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Are You a Dedicated Quilter? | Survey Results


Interesting survey to read about. I’m a dedicated quilter :-)

Originally posted on Catbird Quilt Studio:

The Quilting Party, Artist Unknown, c. 1840-1850.

Last week key findings of the 2014 quilters’ survey were released. The survey is conducted every four years. Results were presented by F+W, A Content + eCommerce Company, and Quilts, Inc., producers of International Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival.

The survey is conducted in two phases. First, households are questioned about their quilting activities to get a sense of the scope of the quilting industry in the U.S. Next, “Dedicated Quilters” are surveyed to understand their buying habits, and how they use and contribute to the industry. According to the summary linked above,

Each Dedicated Quilter is defined as one who spends more than $500 a year on quilting-related purchases, which include sewing machines, fabric, notions, tools, patterns, books, computer programs, batting, and thread. In fact, the Dedicated Quilter actually spent an average of $3,296 per year on quilting.

Demographics of…

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Remembering Mom

Last week would have marked my parents 55th wedding anniversary, but it is a milestone that will remain a “would have been”. Mom completed the ultimate finish when she stepped into Heaven not long after their 53rd anniversary. I still reach for the phone to tell her something and then remember she is not there to answer. Sigh.


Mom had a heart for missions and loved summer Bible camps for kids. I know my parents sacrificed other things to make sure we got the opportunities to attend camp each summer. It was during one of those weeks that I started to really understand how to have a personal relationship with Christ. Another year I was baptized at camp. One summer my brother met the love of his life while working in the camp kitchen. One of the things my sister learned is that homesickness doesn’t last forever! And when their church’s district camp was relocated a number of years ago, Dad spent many hours helping construct the new cabins and other projects. So it was only natural that Mom’s memorial fund would go to help the camp and it’s mission of serving kids.

Friends and family donated generously and we recently got to see the results of those gifts.


The camp has been working to build an amphitheater. Mom’s fund was combined with  another one for a woman who also attended their church, which allowed the camp to add a stage to the amphitheater.


My family was able to see the work in progress in August when we were there. The volunteer carpenters were visiting from Arizona and New Mexico and spent almost two months working at camp while escaping the heat at home. :-)

Then in early September, my Dad and brother along with Dad’s sister & her husband attended the dedication ceremony. There is still some finishing work to be done after the final inspection. (It’s probably done by now!)


There is even a built-in campfire!


image(Photo by camp photographer)

I know Mom would be happy to know generations of campers to come will discover their own relationship with Christ through concerts, sing-a-longs and testimonies around the campfire for years to come. :-)

New Shoes


Wisdom to chew on… :-)

Originally posted on Living a Life of Joy:

“If the shoes don’t fit, you don’t have to go through life barefoot.”

This was a quote out of a Chicago Fire episode (3.3) I watched this afternoon and it has been running through my mind ever since. To give a little context of where the quote is coming from: A character is dealing with not being able to be a firefighter anymore due to medical reasons. He is frustrated because he claims, “I AM a firefighter, that’s what I AM suppose to be. Who AM I without it?” Sound familiar? A good friend then gives him the advice, “If the shoes don’t fit, you don’t have to go through life barefoot.” I guarentee that all of us, are not going to have one pair of shoes for our whole life.

We know that we literally don’t wear the same pair of shoes our whole life. I mean, imagine if you did…

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